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Johns Hopkins – Outpatient Rehab (Deadline: 3/1/18)

Location: Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore MD

Application Deadline: March 1, 2018

Start Date:  ?

Type: Outpatient Rehabilitation

Johns Hopkins is offering 3 unique clinical fellowship opportunities.  Please see the information below and the visit the link for more information on how to apply!

This program aims to develop speech language pathologists that will:

  • Provide innovative and evidence based care to the medically complex population.
  • Advocate for and advance the integral role of speech-language pathology and rehabilitation in the management and prevention of impairments.
  • Possess system skills such as outcome measurement, quality improvement, project management and leadership within an interdisciplinary team.
  • Act as strong patient and family advocates.

Program benefits:

  • Salary and full-time benefits.
  • One-on-one clinical mentoring.
  • Variety of unique didactic experiences.
  • Opportunity to participate in clinical research.
  • Leadership skill development.


Details: We offer 2 distinct 13-month fellowship experiences, one with a focus on Acute Care and one in outpatient. Each fellowship includes 30 hours of clinical work and 20 hours of didactic experiences and research exposure each week.

  • Clinical evaluation and treatment experience in the areas of motor speech, language, cognition, swallowing, speech generating devices and alternative communication.
  • One-on-one mentorship with experienced SLPs.
  • Didactic experience, including: surgery observations, participation in multidisciplinary rounds, weekly swallowing conference, and monthly journal club meetings.
  • MBS-IMP certification.
  • Participation in scholarly activities including: case presentations, multidisciplinary education, and research project with the opportunity to present at a conference or submit for publication.
  • Leadership experience including mentorship of the next CFY.
  • Participation in Johns Hopkins Research Development Program.

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