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Minneapolis VA Healthcare System (Deadline: 2/2/18)

Location: Minneapolis VA – Minneapolis, MN

Application Deadline: February 2, 2018

Start Date: Summer 2018

Type: Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Speech-Language Pathology Section at MVAHCS is pleased to announce two (2) Clinical Fellowship positions available for Fiscal Year 2019, with desired start in Summer 2018.

Clinical Fellows participate in a truly interdisciplinary team approach to evaluation and treatment of veterans and service members served within the medical center.  Veterans served cross the age span from young adult through older adult populations.   CFs evaluate and treat communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders related to stroke, head and neck cancer, TBI & Polytrauma and a wide variety of other medical diagnoses. They may provide aural rehabilitation and Transgender communication services as well.  CFs receive training in instrumental assessment and treatment procedures including modified barium swallows, FEES, and stroboscopy. Many therapies may be delivered via a range of Clinical Video Telehealth options.  CFs are active participants in the care of patients in medical and surgical wards, rehabilitation units (acute, subacute), outpatient clinics, and intensive care units.  They participate in interdisciplinary conferences and rounds, family conferences, co-treatments with other service providers, group therapy sessions, community outings and local and national outcomes data collection (e.g. FIM, NOMS and other outcome measures).  There may be opportunities to participate in research as well.  CFs are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many continuing education experiences offered within the hospital and community.  The Minneapolis VA Health Care System is a specialty site for Assistive Technology, a TBI Center of Excellence and is one of five recognized Polytrauma Centers in the VA.  MVAHCS offers CARF-accredited programs in inpatient rehabilitation for amputation, brain Injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury; residential transitional rehabilitation for brain Injury,  outpatient brain injury and spinal cord injury, assistive technology, and chronic pain.

Minneapolis is known for its lakes and parks and offers a wide variety of educational opportunities, recreational activities, music, arts, outstanding restaurants, and professional sports.  It is consistently ranked as one of the most literate cities in the country and is 2nd on the National Fitness Index.  The Wall Street Journal rated Minneapolis 4thin the top 10 culinary destinations in the world.  It has the largest outdoor sculpture garden in the country, the 2nd most theater seats per capita next to New York City, and is rated the number one bike-friendly city in the US by Bicycling Magazine.

Further information on the Minneapolis VA Medical Center may be found on the Minneapolis VA Health Care System website at .   Applicants may apply for consideration by submitting a cover letter, résumé, unofficial undergraduate and graduate school transcripts, and three letters of reference.   References sent by post is preferred.  Applicants may submit these materials via post or email by February 2nd to:

Don MacLennan, M.A., CCC-SLP

Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System

One Veterans Drive (127A)

Minneapolis, MN  55417


For additional information, please contact Don MacLennan at (612) 467-1530, or email


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