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Just for CFs

Some facilities offer positions specifically for new graduates. While this is not the norm, they can be wonderful opportunities to learn.  Typically, facilities that offer specific CF positions have placed energy and thought into determining the best possible learning opportunity for their clinical fellow.  They have often considered how mentorship will work and know they have the facilities to provide the teaching necessary.

They can, however, be competitive, and it may be less likely that the CF will be hired on full time once they have completed the clinical fellowship.

Open for Applicants

Prior Opportunities (keep an eye out?)

  • NW Center for Voice and Swallowing, Oregon Health & Science University (Historical application deadline:  March 31)
  • University of Kentucky Voice & Swallow Clinic (Has previously opened for applications June 1) 
  • Center for Craniofacial Disorders at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Has had CF application due by April 1 in the past)
  • Riley Hospital for Children (Announced first CF position in craniofacial anomalies in May 2017)
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